December 19, 2007

With only a couple days to go before the long Christmas Holiday weekend, you would think things would begin to slow down a little! It always seems to be a weird time of year, as many events will begin to take place early next month, but because it’s a “new year”, the illusion is that the events are farther off than they really are. Trade shows, client visits, and other events are just around the corner, so we’re busy getting ready for 2008.
Those of you in the Aftermarket industry, check out the current issue of RESTYLING magazine. There is a nice feature article about the new Jeep Wrangler JK, and its importance to the aftermarket world. “See, we told ya!” The article features some nice photos of our Active Lifestyle Adventure Jeep, as well as a few of our Wrangler accessories.
Our entire team here at RealWheels wishes you, your family & friends a very happy Holiday Season!

A Mindfreak Week

December 14, 2007

Wow! What a week! Project Manager, Cory Polka and I spent most of this week with Criss Angel and the Mindfreak production crew at the Luxor in Las Vegas. We had a chance to work with the Mindfreak team, as they filmed illusions for the upcoming fourth season of Mindfreak on A&E. Criss loves the Magic-Themed H2, and plans to include it in a few special illusions for season 4.
We also had the opportunity to celebrate criss’s Birthday with him at LAX, the hottest new club in Vegas. His production team pulled-off a “Mindfreak” on Criss as they surprized him with close to 100 friends, associates and family members in one of the Luxor’s luxury suites. (Criss thought he was heading to another press interview. BUT… when he opened the door, SURPRIZE!) We had a great time hanging with everyone, an appreciate the gracious hospitality. So… Now it’s time to head back to Chicago, and reality.

Jhan Dolphin

December Update

December 5, 2007

Last month’s SEMA event in Las Vegas turned out to be a VERY positive show for us. Jeep accessory companies are being set-up each week, and our Warehouse Distributors are now adding the new products to their website, catalogs, and advertising. So, feel free to contact us anytime if you’re looking for accessory shops and dealers that have the products in inventory. As most of you already know, mystifyer, Criss Angel again joined us at the show, and graciously accepted the keys to the incredible MINDFREAK H2 HUMMER. He spoke at length to the crowd about the Hummer, and his plans to include it numerous times in the next season of the Mindfreak series on A&E television. Cory Polka & I will be in Las Vegas on Friday, December 14th with Criss, to film one of the Hummer illusions. If your in Vegas… we’ll be on the top floor of the Luxor’s parking garage at approx. 2:30 in the afternoon. See ya there!
What’s next? Our team is busy satisfying Holiday orders, and already planning for the next round of trade shows that begin right after New Years.
Magazine coverage… Make sure to pick-up the current issue of “Performance Auto & Sound” magazine. (Nov. 07) They have a nice feature article on the Mindfreak H2, with photos shot last winter. It’s cool to see the Mindfreak with snow flying off the tires!

Las Vegas – SEMA show

November 5, 2007

Our entire sales force, and a few of our project team members took part in the huge aftermarket automotive show (SEMA) in Las Vegas last week. The week went so fast, that it now seems like just a blur. Our exhibit was busy the entire show, and then we attended networking receptions, and industry events each evening. What a week!

The Yacht Club Silverado – This giant 3500 HD dually was a big hit for the RealWheels team. We used it to display our popular Step-Up Kit, and to show-off the new GM door handle surrounds, and a few other goodies, soon to be available from RealWheels. Upon arriving in Vegas we had a chance to drive the Silverado, and show it off to the locals before heading to the convention center. This vehicle was a General Motors sponsored vehicle, and was part of the GM photo shoot that took place just before driving it into the Convention Center. The photo shoot included some great video footage that should be available online very soon.

The “Active Lifestyle Adventure” Jeep – As most of you know, we just released a full line of stainless and billet accessories for the new Jeep Wrangler JK. They, along with this project vehicle were a big hit! We also had a few opportunities to drive the Jeep before the show, and this thing is a BLAST! Many photos were taken by onlookers, as we drove down the LV Strip on Saturday evening before the show. We look forward to brining this one to many events over the next few months.

“Criss Angel – Mindfreak” – Once again, Criss drew huge crowds at the show. This time, at the conclusion of the show, the magic-themed project went home with Criss to the Luxor Resort. He did a fantastic job as fans and media swarmed him with questions about the vehicle, his upcoming new season, and his live stage show slated for mid-2008. Project Manager, Cory Polka and I joined Criss for a walk through the show immediately following the Press Conference to check out the amazing vehicles. You just never know what Criss might want to add to his collection next.

So, Check out our SEMA 07 photos, that will soon be available on our site, and watch your favorite automotive shows for SEMA coverage. The Show is exciting, exhausting, and we look forward to it every year! A big “Thanks” to those of you that stopped by to say hello!


October 23, 2007

WOW! Have you seen the article in The current issue (volume 33, #13) of TRUCKIN’ Magazine?
A big “Thanks” to Truckin’s Senior Editor, Dan Ward for such a thorough and enthusiastic article on our Mindfreak Hummer H2. The article is a full ten pages of beautifully shot color photographs, and written copy describing the most every detail of the vehicle.
As of today… The Mindfreak H2 is back in Las Vegas. Next week, we will present the keys to Criss Angel, and he’ll take it home to the Luxor. We want to add a special thank you to everyone that was involved in this vehicle project. The only way a project of this scale can come together and get completed to the level at which this one was done is with very generous sponsors. Please visit the sponsor page on the SEMA section of our web site, or read the Truckin’ article, and contact each of them. Let them know how impressive the vehicle is, and that their involvement is recognized. And… of course out “Project Team”!!! We are blessed here at RealWheels, to have the most innovative and creative group of guys & girls in the business. They consistantly take a “Whatever It Takes” attitude towards builing these projects, and we cannot thank them enough for their dedication!
What a great day!

Illusionist, Criss Angel Takes Home Hummer H2 Project

October 9, 2007

On Halloween day in 2006, we unveiled the Mindfreak H2 with the help of our friend, Criss Angel in Las Vegas, at the huge SEMA conference. Since then, we have enjoyed touring the vehicle across the country, meeting hundreds of Mindfreak fans, and entertaining the crowds at numerous show and events. We are definitely going to MISS this H2!
On November 1st, We will again meet with Criss in Vegas, but this time he’ll drive the vehicle home. Criss has just begun filming the 4th season of “Criss Angel MINDFREAK” for A&E television, and he plans to use it for a couple of interesting illusions. Criss is also busy working on his amazing LIVE stage show in cooperation with Cirque Entertainment that opens in mid-2008. In addition, he has been signed-on as a permanent judge of the new reality competition tv series on NBC called “Phenomenon”. So… not busy at 1:00pm on Nov. 1st??? We will turn-over the keys to the Mindfreak Project H2 to Criss, in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and he’ll take it back to the Luxor, to be displayed foe everyone to enjoy. Thanks Criss… It’s been fun! Enjoy the H2.

Preparation for LV

September 26, 2007

Hello All… It’s that time of year again. Every September and October we anxiously prepare for our industry’s equivelant to the Superbowl. The SEMA show attracts over 130,000 automotive industry professionals that specialize in aftermarket parts and accessories for every vehicle brand and model imaginable. This year we will bring FOUR vehicles to the event. First… our Mindfreak Hummer H2! Last year we unveiled this amazing vehicle to the media with the help of our friend, Criss Angel. Since then, the vehicle has traveled all over the country, appeared on television, and has been photographed for numerous publications. During SEMA this year we will turn the keys over to Criss, as he drives it back to its NEW home at the Luxor Hotel & Resort. Criss will premier his new LIVE Stage Show next year at the Luxor, and he plans to make the Mindfreak H2 available there for everyone to experience.
Next… The GUARDIAN H3… Yes!! It’s back! The Guardian has been one of the most successful vehicles that we have every built. It was shown for the first time at SEMA 2005, and just continues to draw huge crowds everywhere it goes. It will be displayed at SEMA this year in the StreetGlow exhibit. StreetGlow is one of our favorite sponsors to work with and we look forward to the fun they’ll have with the Guardian.
Two NEW CREATIONS!! This year we will have two vehicles on display at the RealWheels exhibit (#33327) and believe it or not… they are NOT Hummers. We have combines our efforts with General Motors Corp. to build the “Yacht Club HD”. This monster is a brand new Chevy Silverado 3500 HD dually, that has been lifted and modified to create the ultimate Boat-Pullin’ Beast. It will feature a couple new products from RealWheels, and even sport the new RealMAG Hub Covers, usually found in the heavy-truck market.
JEEPERS!! Yes, we are about to launch a brand new line of accessories for the new Jeep Wrangler JK. The initial response to these products has been fantastic, so we are extremely excited about showing-off the entire line. That means the fourth vehicle is (of course) the Jeep Jk. No Couch-Potatoes Allowed! We joined forces with Life Fitness Corporation on this “Active Lifestyle Project” to create a vehicle that can definitely take you to the action. Life Fitness is the global leader in designing and manufacturing quality, innovative fitness equipment for both commercial and consumer use, and are extremely proud to partner with them on the Jeep project.
Both the Silverado and Jeep creations have attracted a whole new list of sponsors that have contributed greatly in each build, and we will share the list with you here, just prior to the show, which begins Ocober 3oth in Las Vegas.
More to come soon!

August 9th UPDATE

August 9, 2007

Hello… As we swelter in the heat and humidity of another summer in Chicago, the next round of important shows is just around the corner. Bjorn & Christine will be attending the IAFC (Fire Protection Industry) conference in Atlanta at the end of the month. We are extremely proud of our association with the fire industry, and this show is a great chance to catch-up with our fire-fighting friends and associates. During the exact week, Greg and Nate will travel to Dallas for the “Great American Truck Show”. This amazing heavy truck event will be the second phase of our “Real-MAG” new product launch. The Real-MAG hub covers have been one of the hottest selling new products that we have ever released. These innovative hub covers actually make a plain aluminum or painted wheel look like custom mag-style wheels. The transformation of a vehicle’s appearance after installing the MAGs is amazing!! If you haven’t seen them, check out the heavy truck portion of our web site. I’ll share more information on some additional projects in a couple days.
Take Care, and keep those comments coming. We enjoy hearing from you.

July Update and television appearance

July 23, 2007

This past weekend, members of our team, Nate, Cory & myself attended the CDW car show in Vernon Hills, Illinois to benefit the Childrens’ Miracle Network charity. We displayed our “Beach Patrol” FJ Cruiser, the “Raw Power” Dodge Viper, and of course, the “Mindfreak” H2. A big thanks to the gang at CDW for a great show and even better hospitality!

Tune-in !! Those of you that have been asking when they can see our project H2 on tv, here’s the news… Project Manager, Cory Polka and I spent a couple weeks this past winter with Criss Angel and his production crew, filming with the H2. We were there, as Criss had himself chained to a burning van, attempting to escape before another vehicle crashed into him. The explosion was HUGE! My eyelashes are just now growing back from the flames. WATCH IT , this Tuesday night at 9:00 pm (central time) “Mindfreak” on A&E, and see if you can spot the Mindfreak Hummer.

Our next project vehicle… Every year, about this time, I start getting phone calls from various members of the automotive media, all asking what we are building for this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. This has already been decided, and our project team is BUSY, but I want to know what you think. Take a few minutes to look through our web site. Check out the different vehicle brands that we make accessories for, and let me know what vehicle, and what theme might be cool. We’ll send out a gift to the most innovative ideas. (Be creative, but realistic)

That’s all for now…

Summer update

July 17, 2007

Hello everyone… Even in the heat of Summer, each day continues to be very busy here in the RealWheels Corporate HQ. Our team recently attended the Iowa 80 Trucker’s Jamboree in Walcott , IA. This was a chance for many owner/operators to see our new Real-MAG hub covers for the first time in person. The response was fantastic! And, we appreciate the enthusiasm of the Iowa 80 staff. Their HUGE facility is very impressive, and we’re proud to have a selection of our heavy-truck products on display there. If you haven’t seen these NEW MAG covers yet, click onto our heavy truck site and check them out. This innovative accessory actually makes an aluminum truck wheel look like a custom MAG wheel.

The Guardian H3… Do you remember this one? The Guardian was our 2005 SEMA show vehicle. It is a completely modified Hummer H3 that is now valued at $300,000.00! After 18-24 months we make these promotional vehicles available for sale, and it’s the Guardian’s turn. Starting tomorrow, the Guardian will be on display at the “Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace” showroom. Expected to sell for between 145K – 160K, someone will get an amazing vehicle for the money! Who will buy it? The buyers of our past show vehicles have always surprised us… It is never who you might think. The Guardian will be put to use best by someone looking to promote his or her business, foundation or organization. It is the Ultimate attention-getter, and by simply adding a logo across the side of the H3, it will instantly transform into a rolling billboard that people just have to see, photograph and ask about. It will be interesting to see who gets it!
That’s all for now.
More coming soon…

Nice PARTY!!!

June 6, 2007

After a day of mostly rain and cool temperatures, we got lucky with clear skies as we headed to Austin’s in Libertyville, IL for the big Mindfreak “Season3” Premier party.   From the moment we drove the Mindfreak Hummer onto Austin’s patio and fired-up its lighting, sound & video systems it was the main attraction.   Our Project Team guys took time to answer hundreds of questions about the vehicle and showed-off its many features and surprises.  (More than a few unsuspecting guests got a shot from the hidden air-blaster)  We gave out dozens of hats, shirts and other promotional items from many of our sponsors as well as a nice selection from Criss Angel himself.   Then, at 9:00 everyone grabbed a drink, and kicked back to watch the season premier of Mindfreak.    Criss Angel sent along a video taped message welcoming everyone to the party, which the crowd loved.   We were thrilled to have many of our clients, vendors, sponsors, and friends there with us.  The show was great!  The Party was a hit!   And… we thank everyone who attended, and hope you had a great time as well.  A special thanks to Mark and his professional staff at Austin’s Saloon & Fuel Room.  Their hospitality and service was the best!  And…  to Steve from 95 WIIL ROCK for his Emcee skills and promotion of the event.      “That was a BLAST….  When can we do it again?”

See YA,


DUB Magazine

May 31, 2007

WOW!!!  Check it out… The July 2007 (#45) issue of DUB Magazine features an eight-page article dedicated to Illusionist, Criss Angel and his fleet of awesome vehicles.   Of course… the Mindfreak H2 was predominate throughout the story with numerous photos of both, the exterior & interior.   Of all the project vehicles that we have designed & created, the Mindfreak continues to be the most attention-getting yet.  The article also included the Mindfreak Dodge Viper that our team completed for Criss in the Spring of last year, his hot new Lamborghini, his extended version of the 2007 Rolls Royce Phantom, and his numerous custom choppers that were built by Count’s Kustoms in Vegas.  Our Project Manager, Cory & I had a chance to spend some time with the Countduring our many trips to Vegas this past year, and he’s a great guy and builds some of the hottest bikes in the country. 

In the office…  Things continue to be crazy!  Our new “Real-Mag” hub covers for the heavy truck market were a huge hit at the Mid America Truck Show this Spring, and we are finally ready to begin shipping the many orders that have been piling up.  The MAGs are one of the coolest new products to hit the truck market in years, so there is no sign of the orders slowing down any time soon.  The Mindfreak Season 3 party that we are hosting has taken-off much bigger than I ever expected.  We are thrilled to be working with Austin’s Saloon in Libertyville, IL.  Their Management & staff have been awesome in planning for the event and 95  WIIL-ROCK radio has been running the promo-spot for the party every day.  We may have created a monster!!!  Any of you that are local, and really want to attend, call our office ASAP. (847)662-7722

That’s all for now.


Criss Angel’s “Mindfreak” Season 3

May 21, 2007

During the past 18 months we have worked with Illusionist, Criss Angel on a few projects, and the experience has been extremely positive!  Criss is a great guy, who truly has a passion for all things automotive.  The biggest project we have worked together on is, of course, the Mindfreak H2 Hummer.   He and his entire team have been an absolute joy to work with, and the popularity of his A&E television series has created an amazing buzz for us here at RealWheels.  On June 5th (Tuesday) the third season of Mindfreak will premier at 9:00 pm (central time) on A&E.  There is a good chance that our Mindfreak Hummer will be a big part of this season, with appearances in a number of episodes.  In celebration, we will be hosting a Mindfreak Season 3 party, on June 5th, at Austin’s Saloon & Fuel Room in Libertyville, IL.   The Mindfreak H2 will be on display, and Criss is sending a box full of Mindfreak goodies for the event.  Our Project Vehicle team will be on hand to answer questions about this amazing vehicle, and there are sure to be a few other surprizes.  If you’re interested in joining us,  I’ll post some information on how to get one of the limitied tickets.  That’s all for now.  I’ll post again soon.


Jhan Dolphin

VP Sales & Mktg.

“Blog” introduction

May 15, 2007

Hello Everyone…  My name is Jhan Dolphin.  I am the VP of Sales & Mktg. for RealWheels Accessories.   Our recent maketing efforts have created quite a buzz of activity here at RealWheels,  so we have decided to offer this Blog portion of our site in order to better keep you informed as to the many activities we are involved with.  I will update you on topics like:  upcoming and past trade shows, project vehicle appearances and promotions,  upcoming television coverage, and many other regular activities that I feel will entertain you, as well as keep you up-to-date.   Stay tuned… we have some very cool news coming soon.