Ultimate Birthday gift for Team member, G$

September 22, 2010

For those of you who know “Team Real” member, Greg Polka (also known as G-Money), you already know he’s a huge Chicago Bears fan.  Well, earlier this week he celebrated his (30 something) birthday and fellow team member (and his younger brother) Cory, arranged for a special gift.  Bears Linebacker, Nick Roach #53 walked into our building, into Greg’s office, and handed him a signed football.  It was covered in signatures from numerous members of the team.  Needless to say, Greg’s face turned numerous shades of color, and he was truly “drawing a blank” as no words were coming out of his mouth.  We’ve been very fortunate to customize and contribute to a number of local celebrity vehicles, and sometimes those valued relationships really come in handy.  The question remains… How will Greg top this when Cory’s Birthday comes around??  

Greg with gift

Jan Polka, Nick Roach, Greg, & Cory

Busy Summer for “Cool Shades” Camaro

August 2, 2010

Wow!  We had a busy weekend planned for the Camaro, and it turned-out great!   Saturday afternoon, the car was displayed at Chicago’s HP Performance for their huge open house. Over 250 cars were displayed, and the car got a fantastic response from the crowd of hard-core Horsepower enthusiasts.   Directly after the event, Cory drove the COOL SHADES car north to Lake County, where we attended an annual “High-end” Garage party.  A great selection of cars and personalities, and local sports celebs attended.  On Sunday, the car was on display at the giant, Tilted-Kilt Car event in Chicago Ridge.  Over three hundred cars competed for top honors as 14 judges used the 100 point system to identify the best of the best.  The COOL SHADES Camaro won BEST IN CLASS… 1st PLACE!

Cool Shades Camaro Hits the Field

July 13, 2010

Chicago’s Soldier Field was the site of this year’s RPM custom car show event .  We love doing a show in the evening, where the StreetGlow LED lights really have a chance to enhance the appearance of the car.  Rain was on & off Saturday evening so, the car’s custom painter, Fabian Estrada (Estrada Customs) got the car to the show and kept it looking good throughout the evening.  On Friday afternoon we were visited by Dustin Worles and some of his crew from the MISCHIEF Video Series.  It was great to see him, and enjoyed meeting some of the guys that took him around our area to see some of the local car enthusiast scene.   Another great show, and more to come in the next few weeks!

Cool Shades at Soldier Field

Thanks... FABIAN for keeping the car looking great!

“People’s Choice” Awarded to the Cool Shades Camaro

June 21, 2010

Team members, Cory & Roberto took a spirited drive south, to Champaign, Illinois to enter the Cool Shades Camaro into the MDA benefit car show. The show was very well attended with over 100 cars on display. The Camaro brought home the “People’s Choice” award, and a plaque for longest distance traveled to the event. In all… a great event for an important cause.

Cool Shades at show

The Cool Shades car led the Camaro pack!

Stanley Cup Champs!!

June 16, 2010

Who would have guessed??   The same year that we get asked to design and create a hockey-themed custom ride for the Chicago Blackhawks is the same year that they win the CUP!  A few of our team members “are certain” we gave them good luck!  All of us were extremely proud during each home game as the Blackhawk-themed 2010 Camaro drove onto the ice between 1st & 2nd periods.  But…  it was AMAZING to have the car lead the players busses during the huge ticker-tape parade celebration through Chicago last Friday with over 2 million people in attendance!!!  Team members Greg & Shanna played “hookie” (not hockey) and attended the parade and festivities.  Great Stuff!  And… if anyone got a great photo of the car coming down  the parade route, PLEASE send it my way!

Thanks… Jhan

“Cool Shades” takes another trophy!

June 7, 2010

Cory (sporting the HAWKS hat), gives the car a final wipe-down prior to judging.

Cory dusted-off the Cool Shades Camaro this past weekend and joind the dozens of other Muscle Cars at a show in Chicago.  The car was a big hit, and many remembered it from the huge Chicago Auto Show this past january.  Cory handed out the promotional postcards that feature each of our sponsors, and answered questions from the crowd.  He must have raised and lowered that hood over 100 times!  At the end of the day…. He drove home with the “COOLEST CAR” Trophy.  Nice!

New STRIKER truck in Indy

April 30, 2010

Team REAL was on hand for the 2010 FDIC fire industry conference in Inianapolis last week.  RealWheels Corporation is very involved with the fire industry, and we look forward to this event each year.  During the past few months we were involved with a special vehicle project in cooperation with Oshkosh Truck Corp.  Their new STRIKER, airport rescue vehicle was unveiled for the first time at the show, featuring the new RWC wheel-cover design.   The team at Oshkosh challenged us to create a, attractive, aggressive, and geo-mechanical looking wheel design that enhanced the appearance of this monster of a vehicle.  Great job to our R&D team!!  The covers looked awesome and the vehicle launch was a huge success.

The incredible "Striker" Airport Rescue Vehicle with the new "Real-Armor" wheel cover by RWC.

Team REAL in Orlando

April 20, 2010

Team Members, Ron, Cory Greg, Bjorn, & I traveled to DisneyWorld this past week to help promote the Allstate Roadside Services & Dynamic Equipment exhibit at the Florida Tow Industry Show.  I was Emcee for the event, as the team quickly transformed a Ford F450 tow truck into an attention-getting winner!  The guys added a load of stainless steel accessories to the vehicle in just a couple hours, showing how easy it is to personalize a truck with your own style and personality in a very short amount of time.  These type of “Image Vehicles” that we create really help promote products, companies and trade shows, and are perfect for a live event like the tow show.  It gave attendees a chance to see the customizing process, instead of just a finished vehicle.   A big THANKS to Dynamic Equipment and Allstate Insurance for their hospitality!

Bjorn handles the exhibit
Bjorn handles the exhibit

Cheap Trick Avalanche FOR SALE

February 12, 2010

Sad but true…  We’re really going to miss this ride!  Currently on display at North America’s largest auto show, the most popular vehicle that we have ever built will be listed onto ebay Motors tonight.  to view the listing , search for: (CHEAP TRICK AVALANCHE).  In the photo, team member Greg Polka was NOT drawing a blank, as he rocked-out on drums  with other “First Look” attendees at last night’s event.  It was one of our last opportuities to play a little ROCKBAND on this amazing vehicle!

Greg... hittin' the drums at Auto Show event!

Greg... hittin' the drums at Auto Show event!

Hockey Style

February 12, 2010

Team REAL was thrilled at the request that we design and create a “Chicago Blackhawks” themed Chevy Camaro for this year’s Chicago International Auto Show!   A few of our team members took part in the “First Look” charity event last night.  The black-tie event is the annual kick-off for the show each year, and crowds were drawn to the “Hockey-styled” ride.  The Cheap Trick Avalanche and Cool Shades Camaro are also on display at this year’s show!  We’ll be attending the show on & off during the next week, and will post additional shots.

Project Rumors…

January 22, 2010

Yes, it’s true!  Team REAL has been asked to create another very cool ride.  This time, we’ll be working with a very prominent sports team.  Any guess…?  More details to come soon.

Sad… but True.

January 8, 2010

Well… With every custom project that our team creates, eventually it becomes time to let them go.  Honestly, it feels a little like your teenager  heading off to college.  The Cheap Trick vehicle that was built in cooperation with legendary rockers, Cheap Trick has been one of our best ever!  The guys in the band (Robin, Rick, Tom & Bun E) have been an absolute joy to work with and we now consider each of them valued friends.  A big thanks to guitar guru, Rick Nielsen for taking time to visit our facility on a few occasions, always providing a few laughs with his awesome sense of humor.  On January 21st the custom vehicle will be listed on the EBAY MOTORS auction site, FOR SALE.  It will be interesting to see who will purchase  this one-of-a-kind example of automotive creativity.  Gosh… I’m going to hate to see this one leave.  I’m hoping someone local gets it, so I can visit once in a while…  Is that weird???

I’ll keep you posted throughout the auction process!